Tuesday 12 November 2013

Peachy Nudes? Yea...I've Got A Few...

(Unfortunately photos in this post were lost due to The Great Deletion of 2014. Some efforts to re-do photos will be made but not all posts will be redone.)

I seem to like my nude lipsticks. Or at least, that's what the little stash of nude colors in my lipstick drawer tells me. Since my lipstick challenge, I've been trying to pair down my collection and selling/giving away colors I don't use as much. Looking at my nudes, I started wondering if any in my stash were dupes.

MAC's Freckletone NYX Pumpkin Pie Maybelline's Mocha Muse Rimmel x Kate #14 lipstick swatch dupe comparison

Ideally, you wouldn't want dupes in your stash. Not if you're serious about paring down you're collection anyways. The few instances in which dupes are acceptable would be having one for a limited edition color or maybe finding a cheaper dupe for a high end lipstick you like. 

Having a little,"oh god" moment when I looked at my peachy nudes alone made me start swatching them on my wrist to see if I had violated my soft rule (soft because...you know, I saw one thing..then I do another LOL)

MAC's Freckletone NYX Pumpkin Pie Maybelline's Mocha Muse Rimmel x Kate #14 lipstick swatch dupe comparision

Colors swatched
MAC Freckletone
NYX Pumpkin Pie
Maybelline Mocha Muse
Rimmel x Kate #14

Not gonna lie. Some of these are very similar. Although they work a little differently on the lips I seem to enjoy this peach nude color a lot. I've heard that Freckletone and Pumpkin Pie were dupes for each other on the lips. I can see how that could be since the Lustre finish on Freckletone allows it to apply more sheer letting more of your natural lip color in. However, swatching them on my hand shows me that they aren't exact dupes.

I really enjoy all these shades, even if they're similar. If I want to pick hairs, which in this case I do, they're just different enough in finish to make me feel ok about owning them all.  But when it comes to repurchasing...I might have to make some hard decisions. 

How do you feel about dupes? How many dupes do you have?

Daily Zen: I have to say that this last weekend was like Christmas! More on this later but I'm sure you can figure out why.
Quite enjoying the Jasmine Black Pearl tea from David's Tea lately. Granted, you don't have to go there to get Jasmine tea but they were selling small bags of at for 2 for $5. Couldn't resist.

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