Saturday 9 November 2013

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Happy IMATS Day! If you aren't at IMATS why don't you check out the video I made! (Remember to switch the quality to HD)

So I mentioned on twitter and in a previous post that I filmed a couple of videos over the weekend. If you don't want to watch this, (because really, why /would/ you? and because I move around a lot. And because I'm constantly looking down)... 

Here are the highlights:
- I've done way too much school in my life
- if you met me on the street I might walk into you
- food and I are best friends
- yes, I am introverted

Congrats if you've made it all the way through the video. I hope it was a good 10mins of your life LOL. Oh god...

I don't even have a question today.

Daily Zen: I'm at IMATS. AAAAAAAHHHH. Well....I'm writing this post in advance but I assure you, this is how I'm feeling while I'm actually there. Tweet me if you think you see me! Unless you don't want to have awkward introductory conversation...or want to avoid my still gross looking eye. That's cool...I understand...

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