Tuesday, 30 July 2013

MAC Buried Treasure

(Unfortunately photos in this post were lost due to The Great Deletion of 2014. Some efforts to re-do photos will be made but not all posts will be redone.)

Speaking of firsts, the very first item I purchased from MAC was the eyeliner in Buried Treasure. In high school, I had always cautiously stepped into MAC to furtively swatch the eyeshadows and paw at the blushes while pretending to look like I knew what was doing. It wasn't until I got up the courage to ask for some help (many years later) that I ended up with this little gem.

MAC powerpoint pencil buried treasure review swatch

MAC powerpoint pencil buried treasure review swatch

Buried Treasures is from the permanent Powerpoint eyepencil line at MAC. The formula is suppose to be waterproof and long wearing. They aren't suppose to "transfer, smudge, or budge." The color is described by MAC as an "underground brown-black with gold". 

I've had this pencil for a very long time and it was a nice start into what would become an obsession with eyeliners. The color is just as described though you can also pick up slight leanings to a blacked grey. The gold shimmer is not very obvious when applied, though still present, and the color makes for a surprisingly subtle liner shade. It was the perfect start for someone who had never really put on make up before The black is not very dark and the color works well with a vast majority of eye looks. You may need to pass this along the lashline a few times if you want the black to be more opaque.

I find that this pencil can smudge a little after a long day of wear but this doesn't happen often. If it does, it tends to smudge slightly on the outer portion of my lower lid. I don't use this on my lower lash line so I can't attest to the waterproof claims but I will say that you definitely need to remove this with waterproof eye make up remover (which indirectly supports their waterproof claim). I have used it sometimes to tightline my upper lid and it seems to works quite nicely in this way.

I absolutely love this color and am really happy that this has been in my collection from the beginning. It is one of my most reached for liners and it's starting to get to the last points in its life. I would recommend this for anyone who wants a liner that isn't too harsh. The gold glitter (which is very fine) also makes this a nice start for someone who is afraid of bold eye looks but wants something more interesting than a solid color.

Did you dawdle in MAC stores when you were just getting into makeup? What was your first purchase there?

Edible Zen: Made a lovely lunch of salmon and blueberry using this recipe today. Have to say its a nice switch-up from making bread based wraps and will be looking at lettuce with renewed interest from now on.


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