Saturday 4 May 2013

Review: Indeed Labs Eysilix Eye Cream

indeed labs eysilix eye cream review instant eye rescue
I'm always a bit skeptical about eye creams. Really they just seem like overly expensive specialized moisturizers which are unnecessary. Some don't do much other than moisturize while others make amazing claims about de-puffing and brightening and don't quite deliver. So color me happy when I found something that actually worked!

This product is an under-eye cream which claims to instantly lift, minimize the appearance of dark circles, reduce the appearance of puffiness, diminish the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles, and help eliminate signs of stress and fatigue. It does this by using 10 different peptides (which is really just strings of amino acids so saying this didn't sound that impressive to me) and (here's the patented consumer jargon) Nano-Tensor Delivery System to instantly lift, the Eyeliss complex to minimize dark circles and Eclaline which maximizes optical properties to add radiance. My eyebrows were raised, to say the least. You can sometimes tell when ingredients are pure marketing but I decided to give this a go anyways since products from Indeed Labs have a good reputation, I was sort of curious about it, and it was on sale (this is italicized because it was the deciding factor. No joke).

indeed labs eysilix eye cream review instant eye rescue

You only need a little bit under each eye. The amount I show in the photo is about 1.5 eyes worth. I apply it morning and night under and along the outer corner of my eye after I have washed my face. The cream smells slightly of Elmer's white glue and seems to have a tightening effect when used. The smell is a non-issue since it doesn't last. It sort of feel like what happens when a little bit of glue dries on your skin by accident because you weren't really good at crafts and sometimes you made a mess (not you? Ok maybe just me). It's not an uncomfortable tightness but you can definitely tell something's happening which is psychologically fulfilling. 

My friends, I have to say that I am converted. No longer will I scoff about under eye creams because I have found one that at least lives up to some of its more substantial claims. My eyes were not tremendously puffy but there has been a marked sagging lately due to stress, lack of sleep and extensive paper writing. I've been using this for about 2 months and I have noticed a decrease in puffiness in my under eye region. The product doesn't do much for dark circles but it seriously delivers on the tightening claim. For this, I think it's worth a purchase and I would recommend it. It's not that expensive considering the price of some eye creams and the effects are pretty instant since the tightening feeling is immediate. I think it was about $30CDN at Shoppers but you might find it on sale. Do pick it up and give it a go!

What do you think about under-eye creams?


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