Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Makeup Removal Routine

(Unfortunately photos in this post were lost due to The Great Deletion of 2014. Some efforts to re-do photos will be made but not all posts will be redone.)

Taking off your makeup everyday is really important for keeping those pores unclogged and your skin clean. I'm really a stickler about this and even after a long night when I'm coming in at 3am I'll still wash all the make up off my face and properly do my nighttime skin care routine. Using makeup can help you look great but its no good if bad skin is why you're using makeup in the first place. Here's my makeup removal routine!

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l'oreal waterproof gentle makeup remover eyes and lips review

Step 1: Eye Make Up
Even if I'm going to be using a cleansing oil I will most likely use an eye makeup remover before hand. Sometimes mascara can be really hard to get off or the cleansing oil won't reach my eyeliner so using an eye makeup remover first mitigates those issues. I've been using the L'oreal Waterproof Gentle Makeup Remover every since I've been using makeup. Its bi-phase components makes it perfect for removing all your eye make up easily though sometimes you might have to take a couple of swipes. The one downside to this product is that it's a bit leaky. You must put this in a separate Ziplock if you're travelling. Even when the lid is closed and you are shaking it up some liquid always seems to come out.

I use this with the Delon Premium Cotton Pads (which you can find at Costco). These pads are awesome! They have an exfoliating and a non-exfoliating side. They are very durable even when soaked with product and you don't get cotton strands pulling off (which I hate!). These are seriously the best cotton pads I have ever tried.

Step 2: Face Make Up
My preferred method of removing all the rest of my make up is to use a cleansing oil. Cleansing oils have been really popular in Asia for a long time and only recently has the West caught on. They are also many inexpensive ones in Asia and there are many varieties to choose from. Currently I'm using the Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil. This has a lovely citrus scent and works well. Cleansing oils emulsify under water and wash right off. You aren't left with oil on your face and all your make up is removed (for the science geeks, lipids dissolve lipids. its a perfectly obvious solution for make up removal. Get it? Solution?... I'll stop now). I do still like the DHC one better but this was much cheaper at around $8CDN

Step 2: Makeup cleansing Wipes
If it's been a really late night and I don't want to do either steps 1 or 2, I'll use a make up removal wipe to get everything off. I never feel like these really deep clean but in a pinch they do the job. The one currently on tap is the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. One tip to keep each wipe more saturated is to turn the package upside down when you're storing it. That way all the liquids sink to the bottom, not that there's a lot of liquid sloshing around or anything. The towelettes do a good job of removing everything. They're also good with stubborn eye make up but you do have to take multiple passes over your eyes and face. The other advantage of having some wipes around is that they're great for when you need to get makeup off quickly to go to the gym. 

After all those, I follow up with using my facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer as any well bred beauty enthusiast ought to. Gotta keep that skin clean!

What's your makeup removal routine?


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