Thursday 18 April 2013

Review: MAC Lady Danger

MAC lady danger lipstick review swatch

So I'm graduating or something. Huzzah! I'm gonna be a Master now. And what better way to go out with a bang than with a crazy bright lipstick. For serious. I had a black dress to wear to our grad-party-thing but wanted to liven it up a bit and liven I did! This was my first MAC lipstick and I sure know how to pick'um eh? 

Lady Danger. What a name! If I were ever an international women of espionage and intrigue I would never tell you but my lipstick might give me away. This matte orange-red lippie was just the punch of color I needed and I got more than a handful of compliments to boot. That's always an added bonus to a scary purchase. 

MAC lady danger lipstick review swatch

I wore this for 5 hours over exfoliated and lined lips. The color did not bleed nor feather and stayed true for the duration of the night. I didn't eat much, munched on some appetizers though I was pretty careful not to touch my lips with them. The lipstick comes in a black bullet casing and is scented like vanilla. I never really believed people when they said that about MAC lipsticks but let me assure you, I have taken a whiff and vanilla it is my friend. By the end of the night, my lips weren't dry but I could tell that they were starting to dry just a touch. This is not as bad as it sounds since some matte lip colors can dry your lips super fast. A little bit of mild drying after 5 hrs is OK by me.

I'm pretty happy with this color. I never knew I could pull it off but when the MAC sales person put it on, I was sold. Can't wait to rock this during the summer! I'm glad these two years are over. The last year in my program was nothing short of hellish  and now there's a huge uncertain journey ahead of me. I'm waffling between staying in Toronto and going back to Vancouver though I've set out a pretty good timeline for when I'm moving back. Hopefully in the mean time I can try and find a job here. But before that I'M GOING TO ASIA FOR 5 WEEKS!!! More on that later.


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